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Two Broken Pieces

14th February, 2025

Katy's life was thrown into disarray as soon as she heard the news: her husband was having an affair with his coworker, Chloe. To make matters worse, the one to deliver this devastating news to her was none other than Micheal; Chloe's husband. As Katy and Micheal continued to meet up, a tender bond began to form between them.
However, their respective exes refused to accept the budding relationship and are determined to keep them apart.

F. Amore: Published work
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Love in the blooming garden

14th February, 2026

In the picturesque town of Meadowbrook, Lily, a talented but reclusive botanist, dedicates her life to a thriving community garden. When the town faces the threat of urban development, Lily must team up with the charming and energetic landscape architect, Max, to save the garden. Their clashing personalities create a “grumpy x sunshine” dynamic that leads to hilarious misunderstandings and touching moments.
As they work together to protect the garden, they discover the healing power of nature, the value of tradition, and the true meaning of love. “Love in the Blooming Garden” is a heartwarming tale of growth, love, and the importance of preserving what truly matters.

F. Amore: Published work
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